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SAAB Mission Statement
In order to empower ourselves, and promote brotherhood, we, the Brothers of Student African American Brotherhood embrace the principles of ACCOUNTABILITY, PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP, SELF-DISCIPLINE, and INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT. Through our faith in God we uphold this mission at all times. I am my Brother’s keeper, and together we will rise.

SAAB Motto: “I am my Brother’s Keeper and Together We Will Rise!”

Theme: “The business of building Brothers”

 Black Men in America - Presented by:
Minneapolis Community and Technical College SAAB Chapter




SAAB membership is open to any student attending an institution that is a registered SAAB Chapter. Institutions that have an  interest in supporting the development of African American males on their campus and in the surrounding community should contact a SAAB representative for more information on establishing a SAAB Chapter within their institution.


The SAAB organization expresses its commitment to diversity through Brother To Brother (B2B) Chapters that encompass young men who are of African American heritage, as well as Latino and other ethnic backgrounds.


SAAB Chapter Structure

SAAB distinguishes itself from other minority student programs in the following ways:

  •  A national success rate as a dynamic educational-based organization that serves thousands of young men at 180 middle schools, high schools; community colleges and four-year institutions with chapters that are at least 5 years old. Eighty Six percent (86%) of SAAB student members graduate from college, compared to a national average of 42% among black men in particular.

  • To become a SAAB member one must accept the charge to be a role model and a mentor. SAAB members are polite, sincere, hardworking, and encouraging; knowing that these characteristics are counter to the popular but offensive negative images of young black and brown men in America.

  • SAAB members are required to tutor and mentor high school, middle school and elementary students as a way to seed the same caring spirit that SAAB promotes.

  • When compared to other male support groups and fraternal organizations geared towards the same population, SAAB maintains stricter membership requirements that are unrelated to entertainment or sports. SAAB Chapters must adhere to annual membership requirements and core standards to remain part of the national network and comply with implementation fidelity desired across all chapters.

SAAB Chapter Leadership Structure 

 Key Executive Student Leader Positions: Fifteen (15)



*Vice President



Three (3) Students

Chair and Co-Chair of Six; Committees with Two Leaders Each

Twelve (12) Students

Total SAAB Executive Student Leadership Team Per Chapter

Fifteen (15)  

            *Staff Advisory Council Members - Two (2) to Three (3) Members


New Chapter Information

Please send your email requests for new Chapter member information and document samples to 


Statement of Affiliation

SAAB is a culturally-sensitive and a research-proven initiative designed to address the needs of males of color in particular given the alarming national data involving these students academically/educationally.

To date and over the years, we (SAAB) have been very sensitive to Title VI and Title IX issues and are very diverse as it relates to various races. We have not experienced any legal challenges given we allow flexibility in the name by permitting schools/institutions the option of calling their initiative "Brother to Brother" of SAAB so that they can be intentional about inviting a diverse group of young men to the SAAB experience.

To date, we have a number of SAAB and Brother to Brother initiatives that are composed of African American, Latino/Hispanic, White, Native American and Asian male students in our many chapters around the country. 

SAAB does not discriminate or limit membership based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other traditional primary diversity dimensions that would typically exclude others. 

All SAAB meetings are open to the public regardless of their existence on a public or private campus. 

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