Conference Comments

"Words can't explain the impact this conference had on me and the young men I spoke to. I'm thankful for the experience." Robert Jackson, SAAB Conference Faculty Member

"Over 500 SAAB brothers across the country! 5th through 12th graders, freshmen, seniors, associate degrees to PhDs in attendance at the SAAB National Conference. I TRULY honor the parents of the grade school students who put trust in us mentors to guide their children. Dr. Bledsoe you have blessed us all this weekend. Your work has really impacted the lives of many in positives ways. Let us younger/future leaders take this new wealth of knowledge we have consumed back to our home cities and start IMPLEMENTING! Saving lives... and Salvaging Dreams" Christopher Scott, SAAB Chapter Advisor, Scott High School - Toledo, OH

"The past two days have been an amazing experience. I attended the SAAB National Conference for the second year in a row and I must say I enjoyed myself and it was such an enlightening two days. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend, learn and become a better man. I will take with many great lessons and the opportunity to meet great men who are making a difference in a lot of Brothers lives. I am my Brother's keeper........ and together we will rise. Saving lives.. Salvage and dreams." James Alford, Northern Illinois University SAAB Chapter Member

"Heading home from Indianapolis and just reflecting the most transformational weekend I've had in a long time (academic wise). The SAAB National Conference gave me a wake up reality check when it comes to academics, definition of Manhood, sense of identity and liberation. But yet, never forsaking our Heavenly father, Jesus. I've been moved by testimonies, shedding tears, and just enjoying the moments with my mentor and brothers. All in all, a revolutionary change in me, feeling a sense complete liberation, rejuvenated, closer to God and motivated once more. Such an amazing experience. Thank you Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe for the beautiful experience." Lemy Chatelier, Junior at Florida Gulf Coast University

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